I like everything about your group and especially the company (you as a leader and also the lovely genuine people that you attract). I love the way that you structure the session with a theme and the lovely atmosphere (relaxing and trusting) that you manage to create. It is also really nice to realise that you are not alone facing the same challenges of being a mother, a wife, a working parent, etc. I think you are a super entrepreneur!
Lavinia’s circle workshop was beautiful, magic and inspiring. We were taken on a journey of self-healing, reflection and creation. It is so difficult to engage in such a task on your own at home but Lavinia made it really easy to focus, get inspired and share the energy of this lovely group...
Thanks for giving good advice, I realise I need to be braver and more courageous. You have a talent for helping people. Keep doing the workshops - they are important.
Well done, the circles are a breath of fresh air in Cambridge.
Thoroughly enjoyed this workshop - came away feeling energised, positive and reflective.
Thank you so much for last night it was great, you have a real skill.
Great structure - you created a safe space and said all sorts of things to ensure that (including saying “don’t feel alone” at the end)

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women's circles

I also host BoboMama women’s circles online. These are exactly the same in format and content as those that are held in-person except they take place in a virtual rather than in a physical space.  

Whilst the energy is different, it is by no means less powerful and the circle we create feels equally nourishing and safe.

All quotes are from Jean Shinoda Bolen's 'The Millionth Circle'