100 days consecutive meditation challenge!


I have been told by countless people over the years to meditate. And yet I always thought I was too busy to do so. No time to sit still and think about nothing - too much to plan, organise, multitask!

Deep down, I knew that feeling too busy to meditate was yet another reason I should, but it just seemed too hard to do "properly" (too many annoying distractions) and I didn't see any effects when I did other than feeling like I wanted to sleep! Certainly no visible benefits.

But I love a challenge and so here it is: join me, for 100 consecutive days, in meditating EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Don't know how to? Don't worry! In this video, I teach you how to sit, what to think of, how to banish annoying distractions and how to make the most of the time you have dedicated to it.

And let's keep each other up-to-date on the effects. If there are none, screw it, we'll stop! If there are, we'll carry on. Are you game? What is there to lose?! Come on - join me!