I shaved half my head! Rebel? Punk? Edgy? Or just plain crazy?


I'm now physically embodying my Bobo name: my left side has a nose ring and shaved hair; the right side long, flowing locks and a helix peircing (which according to those in the know, apparently "shrieked rebel in the 90s"). That was my small acknowledgement as a teenager of the punk I've always secretly wanted to be since I was 7. Now that I'm in my 40s and a mum of three, I've had to up my game. Sometimes I love it, sometimes I'm really not sure. But at least I'm being more authentically me. The me that's been in hiding for a LONG TIME!!

What can you do that takes you out of your (perhaps falsely acquired) 'comfort' zone? A new year is looming - time for a new, more authentic you!