Do you ever think that the funk you find yourself in now will never shift? Do you sometimes allow it to take over your entire life by letting it overwhelm you?

I know I can. But catastrophising (the latter) as well as black and white thinking (the former) don't get you anywhere. They just make you feel even worse.

What does get you out of a funk is seperating yourself and who you truly are (your essence, your soul, your real self) from your temporary thoughts and judgments. How can you do this? By asking yourself one, key question that switches your mind set from one of criticism to one of compassion. Watch this video to find out more!

Do You Dare to be You?


Do You Dare to be You?

This was the title of a motivational 'Wonder Afternoon' talk I gave last week to nearly 100 school children aged between 10 and 13. Here I am asking them to ponder the second of three questions designed to get them to work out who THEY truly are. Which is the platform for DARING to share that with the world.

Check out the explosion of noise following the question - their enthusiasm at being asked to explore their authentic identity was awesome to witness! And the best feedback of all? One of the girls telling her mama that I seemed “like a really lovely mummy”!

If you are interested in booking a motivational talk for your next work inspiration day/child's school/community group, take a look at some of my preferred speaking topics here and please do get in touch! 


1 minute mindfulness hack for busy multitasking mamas


Do you get overwhelmed by your to-do list? Do even the things that you would like to do for yourself get placed into your chores section because you feel so short of time that everything seems like a burden? I get it. Try out this short and easy trick to get back into the present and find a calm, centred state of mind. It only takes 1 minute and works wonders. An essential for busy, multitasking mamas!

How to deal with triggers or how not to be affected by others behaviour


Do you ever feel that your reactions to someone else's behaviour might be disproportionate to what they actually did? Well, that is a trigger. An action that causes deep anger, fear, grief or any other 'negative emotion'. Watch this video to find out how to lessen their impact and even get rid of them all together so that you can lead a calm, centred life unperturbed by others' behaviour!

How to multitask and remain present (and sane) with one simple technique!


Do you ever find it difficult to transition from work mode to home mode? From client / boss mode to partner / lover / friend mode? Wearing lots of hats keeps life interesting but it can be super difficult to take one hat off and fully step into wearing the next one without carrying stuff with you from before that is not appropriate in the now.

In this vlog, I explain how to move seamlessly from one role to the next without any messy, energetic "overlaps". How? By implementing one simple technique that can be tailored to you and the kind of person you are: by doing whatever it is to get back into your BODY and into your feminine. Your body changes your mindset. Your breathing changes your mindset. Body and breathing come first. Change one and the next follows suit - try it for yourself and let me know how you get on!

(...and thank you to Melissa Ambrosini for the inspiriation for this vlog from her "how to work and live with your lover" post).