But first let me give you some background….

Once upon a time there were Hippies: they dabbled with mind-altering substances, practised free love and wore flowers in their hair.

These were succeeded by Yuppies: well-educated professionals who worked in the City and spent their ample salaries on the latest must-have gadgets.

Next there were the Hipsters who stood out for their abundant facial hair, tailored clothes and their cooler-than-cool attitude...

And now it’s time for something different: the Bourgeois Bohemian or Bobo! (aka the “enlightened elite of the information age. The new establishment” - David Brooks)

Bobos seamlessly blend comfort and conscience, corporate success and creative rebellion. We are well-educated, well-travelled, cultured AND cool.

But exactly how Bobo are you?

Do you lean more towards the Bohemian: the campervan-driving, unschooling, tofu-eating crew?

Or towards the Bourgeois: the brand-conscious, private school-attending, Amanjunkie brigade?

Perhaps you veer from one to the other: you’re a caring capitalist with aspirations of grandeur but too comfortable to actually do anything about it?

Find out below by entering the fun, 8-part quiz
as well as discovering which real-life BoboMamas you most resemble!


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