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I love nothing more than to inspire and motivate others with my enthusiasm and passion for a subject, so it makes sense that I also love public speaking! For me, this creates a very special opportunity to connect to other people because energy can be shared in a much deeper and emotional way than is possible through the written word.

If you are looking for a speaker, I would absolutely love to hear more!


Here are my favourite topics to talk about:

Parenting Freedom

  • No More Supermama!
    how to stop perfectionism from ruining your life

  • Become a Mama Guru
    how to feel calm, happy and more in control of your life

  • Why Self-Care isn’t Selfish
    the secret to success for multi-tasking mamas

  • Life after Toddlers – Does it exist?
    finding the courage and confidence to step out from behind the mama security blanket


  • Do You Dare to be You?
    how to find and shine your weird light

  • What Turns You On?
    receiving pleasure: the short cut to creating a meaningful, happy and fulfilled life

A clip from my ‘Why Self-Care Isn't Selfish’ talk geared to 40 mum returners as part of a government-sponsored return-to-work programme organised by Back2Businessship and hosted by Oracle. We explored what self-care means, why it is necessary, as well as how it positively impacts the physical, emotional and mental sides of our lives. Here I am just summarising what we learnt!

Feminine Fulfilment

  • How to Stop, Listen and Pause
    cultivating your intuition to find your soul purpose

  • Don’t Burn the Bra!
    exploring sacred feminism to create inner peace and chill the f&^k out

  • Are you Strong Enough to Surrender?
    why real women are emotional


  • 3 Small Kids, 2 Crazy Adults, 1 Year to Travel the World
    how we found the balls to exit the matrix, take our kids out of school and put our belongings into storage in order to seek our true selves (access our travel blog here)

Please do get in touch to book a speaking engagement with me, to discuss your specific requirements and to enquire about fees. I’d love to hear from you!

I have personally witnessed a huge transformation over the years since I first met Lavinia. The work she must have done to be operating from such awareness and power now is commendable. I honestly can’t think of anyone better qualified to coach other women to realise their power and potential post motherhood. Lavinia is powerful and yet very compassionate, intuitive, kind, caring and understanding. She understands at the mental, emotional and physical levels of consciousness, what it means to be a woman in today’s modern madness. What a glorious gift to the world she is, and I have absolutely no hesitation at all in recommending her services. I wish her and all the fortunate women that get to work with her tremendous success.
— Mark A. Karlsson, Your Spiritual Life Coach