I’m a Bourgeois Bohemian (Bobo) Mama of three and a life coach who is passionate about supporting mamas to regain the confidence and courage to be who THEY really want to be. Not the person society or others think they “should” be, but the very best version of themselves.

I encourage mamas like you, to put yourself first for once. To overcome any fears about stepping out of your parenting comfort zone, and to find a meaningful outlet for your creative, emotional and intellectual self-expression.

I want to explore YOUR needs, dreams, and desires, and to help you work through whichever blocks are in the way. So that:

  • you love yourself and your body exactly as they are.
  • you let go of the need to be perfect.
  • you release the need for external validation.

Now is the time to reconnect
with the REAL you,
to create happiness and freedom both in
and outside the home.



  • Maybe you feel crushed by the motherhood juggernaut – you’re too burnt out to think about what your needs might actually be?
  • Maybe you think you don’t deserve to follow your desires – after all, you chose to have kids, so now you have to devote the rest of your life to them, right?

  • Maybe you feel selfish spending time exploring your own dreams?

  • I get that you think everyone else is doing a better job than you.
  • I get that you feel guilty for wanting more - shouldn’t motherhood be enough?

  • I get that you crave freedom and are then paralysed into inaction by it.

  • I get that you desire to be wild and free but when it comes down to it, you’re just too tired.

  • I get that life as a mama is conflicted: that you are both grateful for and resentful of your kids.

  • I get that you are so busy being a mama that you’ve forgotten you ever had dreams.

  • I get that it feels scary to emerge from behind the mama safety blanket - to risk rejection by revealing the other (no-kids) version of you.     


I know how hard you are on yourself. I get the shame that creeps up on you - for not being more patient, more tolerant, more nurturing, more understanding. I know how badly you would like not to morph into shouty mama. I understand how much you sacrifice for your kids, every day.

I also see how much you want something just for you - something precious, outside of motherhood:  

  • to find a meaningful vocation

  • to run a fulfilling business

  • to learn a new, financially-rewarding skill

  • to educate yourself further in a field that you are passionate about

  • to up-scale your hobby into a successful enterprise

  • or maybe you just need some quality head space

I get that you want the best of BOTH worlds: to be the best mama possible AND to feel confident, motivated and in control of your life once more.


Because I’m here to show you that you CAN be a good parent AND pursue your dreams.

I’m here to guide you through the mama maelstrom towards the happiness, fulfilment, self-worth, pleasure and freedom that you long for.  

I’m here to demonstrate that it is possible to feel empowered as well as calm, and that you can love the unique combination of personality, looks, beliefs, values, talents, body shape and size that make you so PERFECTLY you.

And as your coach, I’m going to support you in creating the life you desire.


So no more hiding behind the “I’m not ready”, “I’m not worth it” or “I’m too scared” masks. Shall we chat about how we can work together to get you to where you want to be?

Lavinia is such an inspiring and talented life-coach. She helped me to rebuild the confidence and self-esteem that I was gradually losing and to pluck up the courage to set myself free…

I came across Lavinia at just the right time and despite not really believing a coach could make any difference, by the end of the first session, I felt relaxed, like I could trust her and that I could discuss my feelings and thoughts freely.  

I now feel so much more confident and in control – that I can do whatever I want without being held back by my old fears of being too old or not good enough. Lavinia supported me in considering options that I had thought were impossible and I finally found the strength to resign from my current job in order to pursue my passion!
— Habi O'Grady, UK

“You were born with potential
You were born with goodness and trust
You were born with ideals and dreams
You were born with greatness
You were born with wings
You are not meant for crawling. So don’t
You have wings
Learn to use them and fly”
- Rumi