Would you like to close your gender pay gap?

Could you do with strengthening your female talent pipeline?

Do you need more female representation at management level?

women returners are a key component in fixing the gender pay gap,
enhancing gender equality at board level and
stemming the female, corporate brain drain.

A great many well-qualified parents leave the workforce every year in order to take up care-giving responsibilities. Extended professional leave often results in a lack of confidence and professional self-belief, which creates a barrier to them resuming their professional roles:

76% of women on parental leave want to return to work

93% of women say that it is hard to combine a successful career with caring responsibilities*

37% of returners feel so unsupported and isolated that they want to leave**

Mothers (and fathers) often lack the tools necessary to successfully manage the new and sometimes competing demands on their time and efficiency that parenting brings.

Presenteeism, long working hours, high billing targets,
not feeling part of the team and unsupportive line managers
can make returning to work seem incompatible with raising a family.

This either leads to unhappiness, disengagement and a lack of productivity, or working parents (usually the mothers), sacrifice their career aspirations altogether. So, unless you are able to attract and retain returners, businesses such as yours risk losing knowledge, client relationships and investment.

Transition coaching, onboarding programmes and workshops provide the bespoke, emotional, practical and intellectual support for working parents to thrive. Which ultimately benefits us all.

Because research shows that fully utilising the potential of female professionals - by increasing returner and retention rates - could generate additional, annual earnings of £1.1 billion and economic output of £1.7 billion*.


how I can help  

The effectiveness of coaching is underpinned by studies which show that absenteeism, low morale, physical illness, under-achievement and low self-esteem are greatly reduced when employers are able to address the emotional needs of their employees:

Organizations with highly effective health and productivity programs report 11% higher revenue per employee, 1.8 fewer days absent per employee per year, and 28% greater shareholder returns (Buffet National Wellness Programme)*

 Of employers offering wellness programs, 67% reported increased employee satisfaction, 66% reported increased productivity, 63% reported increased financial sustainability and growth, and 50% reported decreased absenteeism (IFEBP - International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans)*

the balance hub supports working mothers and fathers
to unleash their full potential - and productivity -
Whilst successfully managing the challenges of parenting.

Through one-to-one and group training programmes - tailored to your specific organisational goals - ambitious, professional parents are able to re-adjust to corporate working patterns, create work/life/parenting harmony and resume their executive roles with a positive approach.

90% of returners said no organisational support was offered through returner programmes or one to one coaching**

92% of returners said a dedicated returner programme could have been beneficial**

The benefits of creating a sustainable returner programme are:

  • increased employee engagement
  • enhanced employer branding as a thought leader in the returner field
  • retention of valuable female talent along with their relevant industry experience and contacts
  • no funds wasted on recruitment and training
  • the female talent pipeline is strengthened, creating a more gender-equal management tier

I would love to work with you to achieve these results

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